Disaster Response for Fort McMurray

From Grant Ferron, Executive Director of Kin Canada:

We all have watched the horrific events that are continuing to unfold in Fort McMurray and for most of us, we can hardly fathom the depth of devastation that has befallen on this community, its people and our members. Everyone remains in our hearts and prayers.

In the truest Kin fashion, members across the Country have expressed their concern as well as hope through pledging support in any way possible.

District 4 has been very quick to establish a District Response Team to help coordinate, liaise and manage Kin Canada’s response to this devastating event. Both National President Kin Peters and I commend the swift action of District 4 in the mobilization of their resources and the leadership provided by Governors Corie Brand and Dan Gosse as well as Sean Libin, LeAnne Christiansen and Angela Jenkins.

Last night, members of the District Response Team joined a call with the Governors, National President Kim and I. The call helped to synchronize our immediate response while also discussing what might be required of us in the months ahead. We all agreed that it is important that Kin Canada members have a way to express their support in a timely way.

We will be providing details on how Clubs can contribute either through the National Disaster Relief Fund or through the Kin Canada Foundation. We want to make sure that funding is set up in such a way that it allows for both the immediate and longer term needs of this community. This will take a few days to ensure we provide the right guidance to Clubs.

The Kin Canada Foundation has provided a donation access point for individuals wishing to contribute right away. In this manner, individuals can obtain tax receipts (the Foundation is a registered charity and is enabled to donate funds on your behalf to other charitable entities). More information on this can be found on the Kin Canada Foundation website at www.kincanadafoundation.ca and follow the “Donate Now” link.

The Red Cross also has a page where you can donate as well: http://www.redcross.ca (Organizations can also contribute through this page as well)

We are told that our Kin family in Fort McMurray are all safe and some are already rolling up their sleeves to help. A fitting tribute to the spirit of this Association and its members. We will continue to keep them all in our thoughts.