Kinsmen Report: September

Hello again from the Bible Hill Kinsmen! We’d like to welcome you back into your school or work routine after a busy summer where we were proud to be a part of a number of celebrations and events in the community.

Going all the way back to July, the Kinsmen once again had a dunk tank set up during Canada Day in Bible Hill, where we collected donations for a number of charities in exchange for dunking a number of community leaders who generously donated their time. It was such a hot day that we’re sure they were chomping at the bit to let you dunk them so they could stay nice and cool. The celebration keeps getting bigger and better with each passing year, and hope that continues.

The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition marked a major milestone this year with its 70th anniversary. The revamped event was busier than ever, and you kept us busy in the Kinsmen Kanteen. There was rarely a slow moment for our volunteers, and we owe that all to you. Your continued support of one of our major fundraisers will ensure we can continue to follow our motto of “Serving the Community’s Greatest Need”. Money raised will be going right back into the Truro/Colchester County area through monetary donations to various charitable and non-profit organizations. The Kanteen will surely be busy again on September 30th and October 1st during the 39th Nova Scotia 4-H Show.

Giving back to the community where we live and raise our families is an important part of what we, as Kinsmen, do. Adding to that is the fellowship between our members. On that note, we’re holding a Buddy Night on October 6th. It’s a chance for people who have an interest in joining the Kinsmen to get a closer look at what it is we do. It’s our first meeting of the month and there’s a meal beforehand.

Even if you can’t make Buddy Night, we’d still love to have you at one of our meetings. They’re held the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre. If you’re interested in attending, or would like more information, email

James Faulkner is a member of the Bible Hill Kinsmen

District 7 Update: Kiniversaries

Hey everyone, this Kin Year we’re going to try to do some things differently, and that includes recognizing each of you and what you mean to our Kin family and your communities. Part of that will be celebrating our Kiniversaries. So starting with September (yes, I’m a bit late on the draw), let’s honour our fellow Kin celebrating with us this month. (For the record, we use dates and info from National)

Over 20 years in Kin this month
John Spears (Bible Hill, 20 years), Audie Newhook (Botwood, 36 years), Carla Murphy (Central PEI, 22 years), Rheal Sirois (Edmundston, 32 years), Carl Croucher (Fredericton, 46 years), Peter Kessels (Frederiction, 37 years), John Ross (Halifax, 20 years), Patsy Inkpen (Marystown, 31 years), Mary Power (Marystown, 24 years), Jackie Seely (Nashwaaksis, 22 years)

Over 10 years in Kin this month
Gary Delory (Antigonish, 17 years), Jeffrey Small (Bridgeport, 16 years), Dionne Bartlett (Bridgeport, 15 years), Peter Mullins (Charlottetown, 13 years), Kerry Harkness (Cheticamp, 11 years), Robert Oullette (Edmundston, 19 years), John Clair (Edmundston, 10 years), Maurice Pitre (Fredericton, 18 years), Mike Webster (Kentville & District, 12 years), Garland Andrews (La Scie, 13 years), Buddie Munn (Nashwaaksis, 16 years), Leanne Matthews (New Glasgow, 19 years)

Under 10 years in Kin this month
Geoff Hamlin (Bible Hill, 8 years), Palma Champoux (Bridgewater, 2 years), Greg McCourt (Charlottetown, 4 years), Derm Hayes (Corner Brook, 2 years), Ann Muxworthy (Florenceville, 8 years), Francis Reid (Glace Bay, 8 years), Mike Best (Goose-Happy Valley, 7 years), Jesse Pomeroy (Goose-Happy Valley, 4 years), Katie Edmondson (Nashwaaksis, 2 years), Glen Collier (Riverview, 2 years), Ron Greene (Riverview, 2 years), Brent Greer (Riverview, 2 years), Ernie Hunt (Sackville, 7 years), Ben Bishop (Sackville, 6 years), Kirk Elliott (St Anthony & Area, 2 years)

And a special thanks to our member(s) celebrating their first full year in Kin
Cavelle Clark (Goose-Happy Valley)

That is over 536 years of Serving Our Communities’ Greatest Need.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more Kin-iversary Celebrations, and other ways we look to share our successes.

Yours in Kin,
Quinn McCarthy (District Membership Director, member of the Kinsmen Club of Bible Hill)