2nd Annual Colchester Book Fair a Huge Success

The 2nd Annual Colchester Book Fair has come and gone, and what an amazing two days!

The lineup was huge last Friday in preparation for the first day of the sale, with people packing the sale location in the Truro Mall to load up on reading material. We were open for just three hours that night, but you kept all of us busy trying to restock the tables, as well as processing the sales.

Saturday, as the second day of the sale last year, was a much slower pace but no less steady. Sales were brisk, and our club members saw more than a few people return to see what else they could find. Things picked up again at 2 p.m. that day as the bag sale closed out the final two hours of the book fair. There were so many more books this year, meaning the deals just got even better.

We’re crunching the numbers, and will soon announce the donation we’ll be making to the Colchester East Hants VON. The remaining books are going to the Colchester Community Workshops.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation, whether it was time or something for the sale, to the Truro Mall for the space, and to everyone who stopped in to pick up a book or two (or a dozen). We’re just putting a cap on this year’s sale, but already can’t wait for next year!